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Want to gain a bit of Collaborative Advantage?

If you’re interested in partnership work within teams, between departments, in coalitions/alliances or commercial corporate arrangements, you’re in the right place.  Here’s what’s coming up – if you would like to partner with us in creating an event, please write or call.



National Coworking Day
June 6th, all day, UK wide 

The Art of Leading together
June 10th, Manchester

Meetup for Coworking Space Providers, Manchester
June 10th

The Art of Leading Together
June 11th, Open Lecture (5:30-7:00pm) Institute for Leadership & Sustainability, Cumbria

Mike is also currently involved in supporting Collaborative Advantage initiatives with the following organisations.  Please write for more details.
Association of Sustainability Practitioners
FunkySpaces Network & European Coworking Assembly
Ubiquity University