Our Groovy Stuff

modoto ltd created and has a hand in running these other four organisations:

Happy City Initiative – Promoting the conditions for happiness to grow
Association of Sustainability Practitioners – Promoting leaning that moves people from unsustainable to sustainable practices
WalkYourTalk – Open Spaces to tune into your purpose
FunkySpaces – Places for ‘doing good’ together 

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Other People’s groovy stuff

Today is 15th July 2016 and we’ve just whacked up a few things before breakfast. We’ll add some more soon, and be embarrassed if you’re looking at this in September and it’s still the same. Promise.


The Business Model Canvas created by Alex Osterwalder is the most ingeniously simple business planning tool we know
The World Cafe is now widely used – it’s well worth reading Juanita Brown and David Isaacs‘ guide if you’ve not studied it.


Finding Our WayMargaret Wheatly on Leadership
Blessed UnrestPaul Hawken on movements for social change
Participatory Learning & Action – IIED on comunity led positive social change
The Happiness Purpose & 56 others! – Edward de Bono on purpose & thinking skills

On-line Radar

Edge.org – a space for exploring great questions ‘at the edge of the world’s knowledge’
BrainPickings – an inventory of the meaningful life
WeLearnSomething – a blog about learning