What’s YOUR Challenge?

Joe Munroes calif phonebox 1959Got a vision you want to achieve collaboratively? Inclusive leadership is incredibly rewarding, but it’s easy to get it wrong.

People often assume there’s a straight trade-off between efficiency (or speed) and inclusivity, because it takes more time to sift through ideas, prioritise, agree actions and decide how to see them through.  BUT y work out fine. We all get ourselves tangled up in problem solving from time to time, but the potential for getting truly tied up in knots goes up dramatically when more than a few people are involved.

When things get more complex, they tend to get a LOT more complicated very petaminxfast. Each team member will have their own thinking preferences, and organisational culture/leadersip style will also the number of factors you’re trying to take into account – the culture layers of

it’s also the variety of thinking preferences and in every team. Things get messy, stuck or even break down completely unless there are great communication practices in place.

sixpenceeeThe key to navigating complexity start to get it’s vital to tune into the balances at work.  Simplify a problem too far and you have clarity, but it’s not very real. Factor in everything you can think of, and it’s likely to be impossibly messy.  Feels like a Catch 22.

That’s where we can help.  As well-informed facilitators, we know a lot about the way people and organisations work and learn.  We take great pleasure in helping groups find clarity & ease in working together to solve complex problems  so it becomes an exhilarating experience.

If you need to find that sweet spot, send your challenge to mike.zeidler@modoto.co.uk or call 07836 706978 – we’ll offer some initial thoughts and a quote for free.

Art of Cosmic Thinking In Action

Spotlight spectrum smlrOn July 22nd 2016, we put on the UK’s second ‘Art of Cosmic Thinking’ event, building on feedback from the debut in Manchester back in May.   The word cosmic comes from the word cosmos, meaning ‘the universe as a complex and orderly system’ and the talk explored how to hold the tension between keeping things simple and keeping things real.

Having stimulated minds with this introduction, we created an Open Space for everyone there to explore their own ideas. Click here to see what went on.

Wanted: New Leadership – apply within

Burned Forest header







When things go wrong and people are angry, the natural tendency is to look for someone or something to blame.  We hold a public inquiry to make sure we know who’s fault it was, why it went wrong, and to make sure it never happens again.

The anger is stoked into a blaze of blame which gets so hot we step back from our own responsibilities.  Instead of looking at ourselves, we glare at the unfortunates tied to the stake while opportunities for useful learning get incinerated.

Right now, there’s a scorched clearing where political leadership used to be. We’re all desperately keen to see hope rise from the ashes and need to see something new. Our own public inquiry distilled into two questions – who now? and what could be different?  To see what we found, read the full article here.

In or Out – it’s a question of courage

In or out jar

The EU Referendum COULD have been a fascinating, engaging, participative and educational debate about the relationships of people across Europe. So far, the political debate has been a two dimensional, shallow and emotive competition between two different kinds of fear.

So how can we choose if we’re feeling under informed, overwhelmed by complexity or simply angry at the poverty of leadership? I think it’s a question of personal and collective courage.  Read the full account here.

The democracy we deserve

Once the votes are all in around the country today, we should take stock of what brought us here. The electorate has the power to demand (and create) a more constructive and engaging form of politics if we choose.  The leadership challenge is one for all of us to reflect on.  See the full article here.