SuperBooster Service

Whether you’re looking for new direction, starting a venture, scaling up, or dealing with big challenges, our 1:1 sessions will help you to flourish. We support entrepreneurs, executives, activists, inventors, consultants, policy makers and more. Within 1-3 sessions, you’ll have what you need.

  • Expose strengths and talents you didn’t know you had
  • Sharpen your purpose, vision, priorities and actions
  • Build on what works and find energy to plug the gaps (creative or practical)
  • Get instantly connected to the most useful and relevant contacts
  • Leave with motivation, new skills, confidence and clarity

We offer a free assessment of your personal and specific needs. Find out how we can help by booking your 20 minute diagnosis now. E:, 07836 706978

Glow Consulting wrote “It was an absolute pleasure to work with you, and you did exactly what I thought you would – swoop in and do what needed doing. Really, the work you did yesterday was exemplary and we simply couldn’t have done it without you both” of our help in facilitating a visioning workshop for 200 people about the Temple Quay Enterprise Zone.

Bristol Foundation Housing aimed to create a 3 year business plan in a half day visioning session, and their feedback was “I’d be grateful if you could e-mail me your invoice please to ensure swift payment as a VERY happy customer. Again, thanks for making the day so enjoyable”

Open Space Events

We’re passionate about Open Space, the most practical and engaging way of facilitating purpose driven leadership.   We especially love creating opportunities for groups of smart, energetic, passionate people who want to ‘make a difference’ to come together and help each other on their way.

The Open Space process can bring clarity and advancement to any issue – as long as it’s a real business issue that people care about.   Here are some examples of themes we’ve explored before:

‘Doing Good & Doing Well – how can we help each other rise to the challenge?’
‘Heads Vs Hearts – how can I find the balance?’
‘Attracting Support – how can we encourage others to walk with us?’

Our flagship Open Space event is WalkYourTalk where our intention for the next event is ‘Collaboration and Big System change – how do we draw sufficient strength to pull the biggest levers?’

What would you like to explore? Write to with your suggestions

I owe a personal debt of great gratitude to Harrison Owen and all those who followed him in developing, refining and perfecting the Open Space process. It has transformed my ability to support transformations in others.